In this day and age Mobile Phone apps are all the rage with 60% of mobile phone users having a smartphone and with this being a growing market you can see why Mobile Phone Apps are so popular with businesses.

Mobile Phone Apps can be developed for many purposes not just for the oh so common gaming apps that we see in the market place but can be used for things such as:

  • Business continuance allowing your reps and staff to work on their standard business whilst away from the office.
  • Comunication apps, communicating your business with your staff and clients in the form of chat, news updates, price, stock, product and service updates and even newsletter.
  • Mobile apps can also interact with social media apps such as facebook, twitter, youtube, Google+ and linkedIn.
  • Mobile apps have a major advantage that they can also be used for collating major statistics regarding the users of your apps right down to current location.

Normally when a software company develops a Mobile App they will ask you which operating system / devices you wish the app to run on. The main possibilities are:

Share of worldwide 2011 Q2 smartphone sales to end users by operating system, according to Gartner.[31]Image and data © Wikipedia
  • Android handsets
  • Apple handsets
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Palm devices
  • Windows Mobile

Normally a software company will charge you £15,000 -> £20,000 for the privilege of developing your app,  here at WASP we have a different approach we have a method for developing Mobile Apps that makes it very easy for us to port them across multiple platforms thus reducing time and money.  Our method for developing the apps is also rapid and our apps typically cost £3000+ better still chat with us today and if we like your idea for an app we will develop with NO COST to your company on a profit share basis.  So what are you waiting for give us a call today to discuss your next big adventure.